Monthly Archives: June 2011

Pacific NW Pilates Episode #2

This is episode #111 of J/FITNESS I am Leslie Braverman, co-owner of Pacific NW Pilates and STOTT PILATES® Instructor Trainer. I am excited to be partnering with j/fit on their J/FITNESS Blog to bring you a series of pilates-based exercises using a variety of j/fit equipment including the j/fit FitDisc, EVA High-Density Foam Roller, Therapy Ball, the versatile Travel Kit … Continue reading

Kettlebells with Northwest Personal Training Pt 3

  Welcome Back! This is episode #110 of J/FITNESS!   Every week we will be visiting the some of the best fitness experts that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. We’ll meet with personal trainers, physical therapists, nutrition experts and more. The goal is to keep you safe and informed about living a healthy lifestyle, and hopefully teach you some fun … Continue reading

Cardio Ropes with Cody Watkins

This is episode #109 of J/FITNESS Cody makes the heavy rope look easy, but this training tool can be challenging even for seasoned gym rats. The look on his face when I asked him to demonstrate this for you guys said it all: These ropes are a workout! Below, Cody shows us some great rope exercises that will wear you … Continue reading

Yoga with Dana Layon

This is episode #108 of J/FITNESS As a mother, yoga instructor, author and dedicated yogini, I have found yoga to be an indispensable part of my life. My belief is that yoga is the cornerstone to all fitness programs. It aligns every part of the body, mind and the soul. When we begin to work with the breath and really … Continue reading