Pacific NW Pilates Episode #2

This is episode #111 of J/FITNESS

I am Leslie Braverman, co-owner of Pacific NW Pilates and STOTT PILATESĀ® Instructor Trainer. I am excited to be partnering with j/fit on their J/FITNESS Blog to bring you a series of pilates-based exercises using a variety of j/fit equipment including the j/fit FitDisc, EVA High-Density Foam Roller, Therapy Ball, the versatile Travel Kit and the j/fit Gym Ball. Stay tuned to see how you can use each of these pieces of equipment in new and interesting ways. By incorporating some of the j/fit props into your regular pilates routine, you can provide your body with more support and feedback or make your routine more challenging.


In this segment, you will challenge your abdominals with the j/fit FitDisc. You may choose to do these exercises using one or two disks, as shown in the video clip. Throughout these exercises, be sure to always be thinking about supporting your back with your core stabilizers and keep you shoulders and neck placed and free of tension.

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Leslie Braverman
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