Yoga with Dana Layon – Episode 4

This is episode #124 of J/FITNESS

As a mother, yoga instructor, author and dedicated yogini, I have found yoga to be an indispensable part of my life. My belief is that yoga is the cornerstone to all fitness programs. It aligns every part of the body, mind and the soul. When we begin to work with the breath and really move from a conscious place on our mat, we can’t help but move and act more consciously off our mat.

I started teaching yoga because I liked the way it made me feel while I was pregnant. Every year my intention evolves and thankfully, my yoga practice can evolve along with me!

I am honored to be partnering with J/fit on their J/Fitness Blog to bring you some simple and FUN poses you can try at home. It is important to always seek professional guidance when performing poses at home and definitely get your doctor’s permission if you have any medical conditions that may inhibit you in any way.

These segments were meant to show you how to perform the poses safely and confidently. In most segments there are two individuals performing the pose; each on demonstrating different options so you can modify for your body. I thrive on sharing the art and science of yoga with you and hope that you can get something from these segments. Please do come to class when you can and in the meantime, keep breathing!

~Dana Layon


This week Dana demonstrates Eagle Pose.

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