Pacific NW Pilates Episode #1

This is episode #107 of J/FITNESS

I am Leslie Braverman, co-owner of Pacific NW Pilates and STOTT PILATES® Instructor Trainer. I am excited to be partnering with j/fit on their J/FITNESS Blog to bring you a series of pilates-based exercises using a variety of j/fit equipment including the j/fit FitDisc, EVA High-Density Foam Roller, Therapy Ball, the versatile Travel Kit and the j/fit Gym Ball. Stay tuned to see how you can use each of these pieces of equipment in new and interesting ways. By incorporating some of the j/fit props into your regular pilates routine, you can provide your body with more support and feedback or make your routine more challenging.


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Post Pregnancy Exercise Tips with Casey Stafford

This is episode #106 of J/FITNESS

Casey here, Owner of Fitness By Casey. As a Certified Personal Trainer and proud mother of two beautiful daughters, I am pleased to be partnering with j/fit on their J/FITNESS Blog to bring you my Post Pregnancy Workout Series. First off, it is very important to get the go ahead from your doctor before you begin exercising after having your baby. If you begin exercising too soon, it could prevent you from healing correctly from the birth. Generally, if you have exercised throughout your pregnancy, it is good to wait 4 – 6 weeks after a regular birth, and 6-8 weeks after a C-section before doing strength-training exercises. Again, your doctor will give you the thumbs up when it’s OK for you to start exercising. If you are suffering from Diastasis recti (a separation between the left and right side of the rectus abdominis muscle, which covers the front surface of the belly area), please consult your doctor about this condition before doing any abdominal specific training.


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Circuit training at home with Gale Volk (Part #1)

This is episode #105 of J/FITNESS

This post kicks off our at-home circuit training series with Gale Volk of Fitness with purpose. These are all great exercises that easy to in your home gym, garage or living room that require minimal equipment. When the series is complete you will be able to string them all together for a killer workout.


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Foam Rollers with Stephanie Weishaar

Welcome to episode #104 of J/FITNESS

This week we are back with personal trainer Stephanie Weishaar for some great tips on using our foam rollers. The roller used in the video is our highest quality EVA foam, but we also offer a wide variety of rollers for every budget or application.


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Kettlebells with Northwest Personal Training (Part #2)


Welcome Back! This is episode #103 of our new blog - J/FITNESS!


Every week we will be visiting the some of the best fitness experts that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. We’ll meet with personal trainers, physical therapists, nutrition experts and more. The goal is to keep you safe and informed about living a healthy lifestyle, and hopefully teach you some fun new ways to use the quality j/fit products that you love.


Today we are back at Northwest Personal Training in

Vancouver, Washington for the second installment of our nine part kettlebell series.

This week Kristin has Ted demonstrate the following kettlebell exercises:

  • Halo
  • Popcorn
  • Around the Body

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Toning Tubing with Stephanie Weishaar


What a great time to talk about Toning Tubing!


A major recall of a competitor’s tubing brings to light just one of the many ways that j/fit strives to bring affordable quality to everyday fitness gear. When you work out with tubing, you are putting an enormous amount of pressure on the clips that secure the tubing to the handle or strap. Inferior clips can snap, resulting in bruises and cuts. Over 250,000 units have been recalled so far.



We realized that this was no place to skimp, and our tubing features one of the highest quality clips available. So try out the following tubing exercises with confidence, knowing that j/fit always puts the safety and satisfaction of it’s customers first.


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Kettlebells with Northwest Personal Training (Part #1)


Welcome to the official launch of our weekly video blog, J/FITNESS!

Every week we will be stopping in at different fitness centers around the Pacific Northwest to hear what the trained professionals have to say about our gear. We’ll learn new exercises, talk about proper form and how to get the most out of the gear you love.

This week Ted and Kristin from Northwest Personal Training walk us through some basic kettlebell exercises:

  • Basic Swing
  • Squat Swing
  • Single Arm Basic/Single Arm Handoff

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