Training Racks

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Product Details

  • Heavy Duty 3″ x 3″ steel uprights marked with numbers and laser cut holes on 4 sides
  • Fits 4 squat stations and 8 pull up stations. Infinately expandable with 4′ or 6′ sections
  • Freestanding Unit 14′ long with 3 sections 4′ x 6′ x 4′ and 6′ wide
  • 4 each of 9′ uprights and 4 each of the 12′ uprights great for hangingcross fit rings
  • Includes 15 ea 6′ monkey bars, 4ea 4′ monkey bars, 4 ea 6′ chin up bars, all nuts, bolts, and  concrete anchors

j/fit Commercial Training Systems

Infinite possibilities abound with the commercial rack systems by j/fit. Beefy 3′ x 3″ steel uprights and heavy duty hardware produces one of the most sturdy rack systems available for a dynamic workout – whether in the gym, garage or training room.

Laser cut Parts and Accessories

These Heavy Duty 3″ x 3″ steel uprights are marked with numbers and laser cut holes on all four sides to easily integrate your accessories onto the system for easy measuring. This allows for optimal rack use – no wasted space! Use the outside area, inside area, left side, and right side by adding numerous weight stations, pull up stations, portable suspension systems, rings etc. 9′ or 12′ one piece uprights allow for a more sturdy unit.

Options and Add-Ons

The possibilities are endless. Start with your favorite unit and keep adding as space and budget permits. Racks are expandable in 4′ and 6′ sections. Add them to the end, the sides, you can go up, or you can go down, whatever your space and wishes allow. All j/fit rack sets include added accessories so your rack looks great and is ready to perform your favorite exercises right from the start. Add even more accessories to fit your type of work out and create the system of your dreams.